Flavoured CBD Coffee


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Cbd infused coffee

The coffee beans have been roasted in a way that that taste that can often be associated with cbd doesn’t impose on the delicate coffee flavours. It is a nice balanced roast which makes it the perfect wake up call for just about anybody, so if you are looking for a dose of cbd in your coffee to give your day some extra energy, these decadent flavoured coffees are the ones for you they come in the following flavours.

Cbd coffee may work to not only help you feel alert and refreshed but also hopefully help you to go about your day with less pain and anxiety.

CBD infused gingerbread coffee

CBD infused Caramel Coffee

CBD infused honey coffee



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Contains less than .02% THC



Directions – Add 10g of coffee per cup to either a coffee machine or cafetiere.


Each 10g cup of coffee contains approx. 8mg broad-spectrum CBD extract.